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Compliance and Permitting

Staying in compliance is vital to keep your business running and to avoid fines and downtime. GSI and its affiliates provide a full range of compliance and permitting services, including:

  • Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC): SPCC Plans are intended to ensure that facilities put in place containment and other countermeasures that would prevent oil spills from reaching navigable waters.
  • USCG Onshore Facility Emergency Response (FRP) Plans: For owners and operators of oil use or storage facilities to respond to oil spills.
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SPPP): For compliance with the federal or state stormwater construction general permit.
  • Best Management Practices (BMP) Plans: Stormwater management plans based on the six stormwater Phase II minimum control measures.
  • USEPA Onshore Plans: To meet onshore oil and gas waste disposal requirements.
  • Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency (PPC) Plans: Required if you have a PA business with a stormwater or waste water discharge permit that involves the generation of hazardous waste dealt with through treatment, storage, recycling or disposal.
  • Discharge Prevention, Containment and Countermeasure (DPCC) Plans: A required plan to prevent the discharge of hazardous material from occurring and that includes provisions for minimizing its effect on the environment if it does occur that includes a drainage and land use map, a topographical map, information about storage areas and process areas, a list of the history of hazardous discharges and other information.
  • Discharge Cleanup and Removal (DCR) Plans: A required plan that focuses on what happens if a hazardous discharge occurs regardless of the preventative steps in place, including provisions for emergency response drills, a chain of command list for emergency response action and procedures for recycling and/or disposal.

If you need help with one or more of these compliance plans, or you know that you need compliance services but are not sure which plan is relevant to you, call GSI to speak to one of our experts at 717-691-9799 or submit a contact form online.


"Groundwater Services, Inc. has been our “go-to” team for Phase I work for all of our real estate development projects. Having a firm like them that understands the importance of high-pressure deadlines and complex grant requirements has been invaluable. Their communication, competence, and timeliness have been outstanding every time. We couldn’t be happier with their services."

Dave Butcher, President & Partner, WCI Services