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GSI Site Investigation Services

          A site investigation may be required for any number of reasons from addressing Phase I Recognized Environmental Conditions to leaking storage tanks and pipelines. GSI has over 30 years of experience with site investigations and our team of highly trained professionals have the knowledge and experience to respond quickly and efficiently to delinate the nature and extent of subsurface contaminants utilizing various techniques including advanced geophysics, the installation and sampling of monitoring well networks and state of the art computer modeling.

                  To learn more about our site investigation services or schedule an initial on-site consultation, send us your contact information online or call us at 717-691-9799.


"We’ve used Groundwater Services International (GSI) for nearly 30 years and they have never let us down. GSI is staffed with good and easy to work with professionals. Their service levels, attention to detail, responsiveness, breadth and width of capabilities are truly excellent and world class. They can handle smaller clients and jobs as well as extremely large and complicated ones. When we sold our very large companies with an extremely short timeline, it was a real effort to get all of our properties fully delineated with Phase I’s and Phase II’s in a very short time period. They were able to pull it off very well and it was quite a feat. To me, that was real life proof of just how capable they are."

John Arnold, Chairman, PPC Lubricants, Inc., Former Owner Petroleum Products Corp.