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GSI Site Investigation Services

          One of the most important environmental services we provide at GSI is site investigation. Site investigation may be required for a number of reasons, including due diligence when you are buying a property, avoiding liability when you are selling a property, complying with a regulatory agency request or application to a public agency for a discretionary land use permit. Whatever the reason you need site investigation, it is critical that it be performed by a trained expert.

          At GSI Environmental Services, we have decades of experience with site investigations and a team of highly trained individuals who know exactly what to look for during an investigation. Our experts use their knowledge and our state-of-the-art equipment to perform site assessments through such techniques as computer modeling, application of advanced geophysics, pump test analysis and monitoring well networks.

          Through these and other methods we can confidently evaluate the existence and pervasiveness of various negative environmental impacts at a site and the threat they may present to those on the site, your neighbors and your customers. We can perform tasks ranging from basic groundwater, soil and air evaluation to sampling and advanced testing, and suggest solutions if we do detect contamination issues.

We are equipped to perform a wide range of site investigation assessments, including:

  • ASTM 1527-05 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Subsurface Site Characterizations



Let GSI Provide Environmental Site Investigations

          We only want to provide the level of assessment you need, as our goal is to help you meet your environmental requirements while staying within your budget. We will establish the type of site investigation that best fits your needs, perform the assessment quickly and provide you with a complete and professional report.

          To learn more about our site investigation services, send us your contact information online or call us at 717-691-9799.


"We’ve used Groundwater Services International (GSI) for nearly 30 years and they have never let us down. GSI is staffed with good and easy to work with professionals. Their service levels, attention to detail, responsiveness, breadth and width of capabilities are truly excellent and world class. They can handle smaller clients and jobs as well as extremely large and complicated ones. When we sold our very large companies with an extremely short timeline, it was a real effort to get all of our properties fully delineated with Phase I’s and Phase II’s in a very short time period. They were able to pull it off very well and it was quite a feat. To me, that was real life proof of just how capable they are."

John Arnold, Chairman, PPC Lubricants, Inc., Former Owner Petroleum Products Corp.